Run For Water

The Drip Drop Trail Run event is all about giving high school cross country teams, and corporate teams the tools to raise money for an important cause.  Through the event athletes will not only bond as a team by accomplishing a 8 hour relay race, but also learn how running can be a tool to give back to there local community and impoverished countries around the world.  100% of your entry fee will be used to bring clean drinking water to a village or community in need.

The event will be held at Pike Lake State Park in Hartford, WI.

It is located on Kettle Moraine Dr.  One mile south of Hwy 60 in Hartford, WI.

All the runs will start at the South Pavilion near the Beach parking lot.

Why We Run.

High school cross country is an amazing sport that teaches young athletes a variety of  life lessons.  The Drip Drop Trail Run will help your team work  towards a solution for a global crisis: the shortage of clean drinking water.  Thirst is a cause that all runners can relate to.  We are fortunate in this country to be able to go the the local grocery store and buy bottled water in any quantity that we choose, or simply turn on our faucets in our homes and fill a glass with drinking water.   There are villages and towns all over the globe that are not as fortunate.  Their women and children get up before sun-up every day to walk miles in search of clean drinking water to bring back to their villages.  The Drip Drop Trail Runalong with your help, is partnering with  Living Water International to help fight the water crisis.  We are giving you the tools.  Now it’s up to you and your team  to use the endurance event to better your team and change the world.

  • $20 gives 1 person clean water for a whole generation.
  • $3,000 rebuilds an old broken hand pump well
  • $5,000 drills a new well in an area of need for a whole community

Want to do even more?

Raise Money Online for Living Water International – While signing up for the event there will be an option to raise money for Living Water International through friends and family who want to support your 12 hour run for water, by giving you pledges towards a goal you set for yourself personally or for your  team in the event.  It might be total mileage run as a team, total laps, etc.  You decide.

  • 100% of the money you raise through your page goes directly to Living Water International (
  • Choose a specific country to donate your funds to. Read about each one of the 25 countries Living Water International works in HERE! 

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